Book Review: Tails of Sweetbrier

by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Reviewed by
Laurie Loveman

A Story of a Dream, the Challenges, and a Victory

Deanie may have started out with a physical problem, but very soon she was having the same riding problems all of us have had as we grew up riding: lots of falls, embarrassments, and great joy at accomplishing our immediate goals.

As an adult, following along as Deanie so clearly expresses her learning experiences, I could easily remember my “mistakes along the way” and I rejoiced with her as she reached for and attained her successes.

This is not just a horse story, it’s the story of a family. Any young riding enthusiast who reads TAILS OF SWEETBRIER will identify with Deanie, and most certainly, will be glad to know they are not alone in mastering the art of horsemanship!


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