Book Review: Save Your Horse!

By Michelle Staples

            Most of us spend about 75% of our time working with our horses and their maintenance, and only 25% of our time riding them.  I’ve just read Michelle Staples’ book, Save Your Horse! A Horse Owner’s Guide to Large Animal Rescue and I believe this book—in addition to its rescue information—is the best basic horse handling manual I have come across in a lifetime of working with horses.
Not only is Save Your Horse! a teaching manual for rescue situations, it’s a basic safety manual for anyone needing to handle a horse with whom they are unfamiliar.  Michelle Staples tells, in an easy-to-understand format, not just how to effect a rescue, but why steps must be taken in a particular order to protect both the rescuer and the horse.  The many photographs and illustrations provide clear instructions.
Rescuer safety is continually emphasized, and in each section important safety factors are repeated so the lessons really sink in.  The chapter on trailering should be learned thoroughly by anyone who trailers a horse on a regular basis or who may be called upon to do so in an emergency.  An Appendix section has numerous resources for you to further your knowledge, and includes a section on handling other types of large livestock.
In Save Your Horse! Michelle Staples has provided a manual that should be “must” reading for every horse owner and facility manager.  This is a book that belongs in your barn, and when you take to the road, Save Your Horse! should ride with you in your truck or trailer.
You can order Save Your Horse! directly from the publisher at  Don’t let another day pass by without this valuable information.

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