Book Review: A Summer of Strangers…

A Summer of Strangers
Adirondack Gold II

by Persis Granger

Reviewed by
Laurie Loveman

It’s the summer of 1898, and in Thurman, New York, 13-year-old Hollis Ingraham faces a summer where he will have to make decisions that place his desires in potential conflict with those of his family. What shall he do when he discovers a campsite in the woods? Will he be able to keep the colt, Pippin, whom he loves dearly, or will family circumstances force his stepfather to sell Pippin?
Hollis’ art talent is put to good use by the stranger at the campsite, who becomes Hollis’ friend as together they write and illustrate a nature book. As summer draws to a close, Hollis is able to come to terms with the decisions that seem best for his family and for what he hopes will be in his future.
Persis Granger brings Hollis, his family, and his friends to vivid life. We sweat in the sun, making hay; we labor in the barn, inhaling the earthy aromas of livestock and fresh mown hay. We share the family’s concerns and daily chores. And what a treat to pause for a moment and enjoy the beautiful illustrations by Laurel G. Nittinger!
A Summer of Strangers was written for young adult readers, but as an adult, I found A Summer of Strangers a wonderful way to escape today and spend a summer when life seemed a little simpler. I was pleased to learn that Hollis’ summer experiences had opened some exciting doors for him, but I was sorry when autumn arrived and I had to leave Hollis. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to experience life with Hollis as he grows towards manhood.

By Persis Granger
Illustrated by Laurel G. Nittinger
ISBN: 978-0-9742085-1-0
Beaver Meadow Publishing
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