Book 5: All Our Girls

Book 5: All Our Girls

Linda Marie Newman and Jenny Donnelly have been rescuing young girls from sex traffickers in 1930s New York City. Wealthy, politically and socially prominent Alderman, Jayden Wallace has been enjoying the income from trafficking until his operation is threatened by Linda Marie and Jenny.       

When Linda Marie and Jenny are called upon by their friend, Captain Will Peterson, to help  a teenager involved in prostitution, they are reunited with an old friend, Sharon Beckhurst.  Convinced the women are stealing his girls to start their own brothel, Wallace enlists help from the Mob to find them. When Sammi’s friend, Conrad, also becomes Wallace’s target, Linda Marie sends him to safety in Woodhill, Ohio, where her estranged son is a firefighter.

Linda Marie must let go of the past to allow for a new future, but will it be in New York City or in a small town in Ohio? 

Chapter 1 and Sex Trafficking Resources and Help

Read Chapter 1 – This PDF also includes the guide “How to Recognize the Signs of Sex Trafficking” as well as a collection of “Information and Help” for those who are or know people who are victims of sex trafficking.

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